By Jason Wachob, Founder of and  LuxEco Advocate

A little yoga after a day at the office might be just what you need to leave your work worries behind. You don’t need uber-flexible hamstrings to get started either – all you need is 1o minutes, some floor space, and the willingness to try something new! If you’re new to yoga, that’s okay. Here are some great yoga poses for beginners from our resident yoga guide, Michael Taylor, designed to help you  relax!

1. Child’s Pose:  A great pose to start with as it opens your hips. But before relaxing completely, press your palms into the ground with arms straight and elbows lifted, pushing your hips firmly back toward your heels.

2. Reclining Eagle Twist Pose: This yoga pose is great for opening up your lower back — especially after sitting in a chair all day. For more of a back opener, make sure to pull your knees closer to your chest.

3. Reclining Goddess Pose: A great pose to close with as it’s very calming.  When on your back, lift both knees up, then let your knees fall open to either side, bringing the bottoms of your feet together.  That’s it!

These three poses should definitely help you relax after a long day. All you need is 10 minutes to get started!


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