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Derin Richardson is a multi-facetted individual indeed--he's had his hand in music, theatre, engineering and of course, journalism. He earned a bachelor's degree in communications at Cal State Fullerton, with an emphasis in print journalism. Hailing from the South Bay region of Los Angeles County, his favorite hobbies are composing/listening to new music, traveling, reading, attending/performing at concerts, customizing his guitars, and networking. Aside from being both technologically and musically inclined, he discovered his affinity for writing early in life as he and his parents, originally from Liverpool, United Kingdom, traveled the country. This bountiful voyaging led him to appreciate the complexities and interconnectivity of nature, as well as to refine his craft in reporting his discoveries on paper. Subscribing to ecological awareness was of no encumbrance for him growing up, though persuading others to do the same was. His household was not exactly a conducive setting for his verdant tenets, mainly because of familial die-hard habits and busy lifestyles. Nonetheless, he has been doing his part in keeping the planet healthy in his fast-paced life by using eco-friendly products and occasionally participating in clean-up events. Thus, it was inevitable that his career path led him to LuxEco Living. Feel free to contact him at derin@luxecoliving.com