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Lorri Ballance Laird is an East Coast transplant to the Los Angeles area. Growing up in New Jersey, she became very aware of the environment at a young age when she found out that barges were dumping huge amounts of garbage into the Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis. Appalled at the thought of such carelessness, Lorri decided to become an “ecologist,” even though she didn’t really know what it meant at the time. While time proved that Lorri wouldn’t follow a scientific path and save the world’s eco-systems, she did discover her talent for writing and editing. Over the years, Lorri has worked in various communications positions, including serving as an Associate Editor for Sunset magazine’s marketing department. Lorri is incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with luxecoliving. “This is giving me the chance to pursue my passion of writing with a subject matter that I truly believe in. With luxecoliving, I am living the authentic life I want to live.” Lorri lives in Topanga, California with her husband Keith, son Cameron, and two yellow Labrador Retrievers, Rugby and Riley. She loves spending time in nature and takes part in such activities as mountain biking, hiking, and yoga. She is an avid reader and spends way too much money at amazon.com.