Biofuels changed his audience.  After bringing music to the masses, green start-up owner converts his mission to bring alternative fuels to your car

Jeff Phillips – a D.I.Y Kind of Guy

By Jeff Phillips, Biofuel Engineer and LuxEco Advocate


My name is Jeff Phillips and I run D.I.Y Biofuels in Los Angeles.

I was once in the music biz, and was doing pretty well for myself, until I became more educated about the startling environmental problems that we are currently faced with.

So I basically left the rat race of the music industry after doing some research of my own into alternative fuel technology. Films like ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ and ‘Who Killed the Electric Car‘ particularly affected me.

I want my business to be used as a tool to find alternative fuels – better than the ones that are being utilized right now. I also see my business and other green start ups as a way to preserve the future for our kids – like my own son – and their kids. I want to preserve the earth that I saw growing up, as I traveled the world with my dad (who sailed research ships), as I visited places like Alaska, saw breathtaking glaciers, startling forests in Chile, beautiful oceans – just surreal stuff. 

I want that to still be around when my little one is grown and has his own little ones.

Why is biodiesel so important right now? It’s simple. We basically have an infrastructure to sell it already. What we don’t have is a model for hydrogen or electric cars. I mean, I am hoping that in future there will be a better and more efficient structure for electric cars, but in the meantime, we simply have to find other ways to deal. And that’s where we come in.

I will be blogging here at the wonderful LuxEco Living, sharing my thoughts about biofuels and answering your questions. In the meantime, if you’d like a little bit more info about biodiesel and alternative fuels, ‘Who Killed the Electric Car‘ and ‘Fuel‘ are great starting points. 

Watch for more on this space in the coming months.


Read more about Biofuels and Alternative Fuels on the Technology page of LuxEco Living, and check out this biodiesel users forum.


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