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… And let’s lead the way  by action for a better tomorrow.

As the world is spinning madly out of control getting grounded is sometimes a bigger challenge than we think. With all the negativity surrounding politics, the environment and health care reform a simple solution is to connect with a tribe that resonates with purpose.

Let me introduce you to a new platform for people with discerning intelligence. Why spend your time becoming an underdog for something you can’t fix. Accept the fact. You’re getting older but wiser. You have had experience which amounts to something more than just a tweet. Your time is limited but you don’t feel you have limitations. Then what is keeping you from becoming part of growing base of cultural creatives? Nothing!

All we ask is that you find your niche, become part of our blog roll, tell us your story and why you feel the way you do about the very something that keeps you going. We each have a passion and purpose for living. Even if you don’t think you do, log on to our site and find one. There is something for anyone who cares about the planet, sustainable ways to exist, be entertained, live healthier lives, communicate with others, and dream about a future that becomes a more positive way to live.

People may not always agree. Chaos is a part of life. As we define our platforms for discussion know that in every tribe and every village there will always be a dissenter. But conflict is a part of life. Everyday we face a myriad of obstacles and battles. Times are tough. The recession has whipped our spirits dry.
We teeter totter between a range of emotions beginning with fear. We stop with our Starbucks in hand and think, will this malaise ever lift? Will there be more jobs and financial security? Will we have social security and medicare or will our military expenditures put America behind bars without bond.

I  believe that having the freedom of choice and speech are two of the most important rights any human being anywhere in this world can hope for.
And the Internet serves to foster and support these rights.

If you have any positive ideas about ways we can hit a financial home run, eat a hot dog without nitrates, adopt a pet, find a suitable mate,
buy a car without yen or need to support Japans fishing industry. You can do without your sushi and your red meat just for a day.

There is always room for dissenters. But not if its a hatchback with a faulty gas pedal.

So if you think you are a cultural creative and have some ideas you want to share. Kick a barrel full of oil, smile at a Saudi, and take your genetically modified corn to the trash. Let’s Get It On.

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If you are interested in contributing with our LuxEco Advocate program, please don’t hesitate to inquire.  We are looking for experts, researchers, academics, activists and everyday people who want to join our cause to make the world a safer, healthier place for all of and nature to flourish in, in harmony!


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