by Linsley Oaks, LuxEco Editorial Assistant

Tree houses might not just be for little Tommy anymore in the near future.  If you have 3 minutes, check out Mitchell Joachim: Don’t build your home, grow it! – Mitchell Joachim (2010) on TED.  He is an eco-architect and urban planner who has a vision for more sustainable urban and suburban structures.  Introducing the ‘Fab Tree Hab’, a sustainable, eco-friendly dwelling made out of living trees.  Look out real estate industry, you might have to get a green thumb to make it in this proposed housing market!

Even more intriguing, and in my opinion a little less appealing, is the ‘in-vitro meat habitat’.  Here, cells are grown in test tubes into larger and larger structures that can be used as housing.  The end result looks a little like a giant beef jerky liver.  Since the meat is man made in a lab, it is still vegetarian/vegan-friendly.

All and all, in this time of heightened sensitivity to our resources and their limits, I for one am excited and optimistic to see what human ingenuity can come up with in the face of eco-challenges.

For even more exciting ideas from Mitchell Joachim, check out his interview on the Colbert Report.


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