By Nancy Chuda founder and Editor-in-Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

An Essay






Like you, I am stupefied. It is unconscionable to imagine what just occurred, the tragedy of senseless deaths-20 children and six adults in Newton, Connecticut.

As a society how do begin to connect the dots? In other similar incidents, the targets have been innocent, the perpetrators, not of sound mind. But at the core of this issue is the imbalance of powers- those who do not see permitting citizens to have the right to license and own armed weapons a collusive and potentially addictive opportunity to conduct an unthinkable act…taking human lives in fear of their own safety whether realized or imagined,  versus those who strongly feel that weapons of any kind carry the intent to kill, and thus obliterate the right to life.

I feel as a society we are living on a warped edge of mental insanity. A reality that truly borders on what most trained psychologists would agree is the venting of a compulsive disorder and need for recognition. When an act of this kind occurs- the gargantuan results is felt as a living cell in each of us-born of compassion and empathy but later a sense of pity.

We are divided as a nation on most important matters, health care reform, a woman’s right to choose, decisions concerning the fiscal cliff and now we are faced with even more indecisiveness about the right to bare arms.

I weap for the  mothers and fathers of the children whose lives were shelled and shattered within seconds. I hold harmless all mothers and fathers, even the ones whose children have committed horrendous acts of atrocity. I blame those who feel that a license to kill is acceptable and pity those who target a warped unconventional debate about the value of human life without respect for the innocent lives lost.

Call it an act of premeditated murder. A mass slaying. Blame it on mental illness and if you point a finger at anyone just know that the National Rifle Association has all their guns loaded.

He spoke from the heart- as president and a parent.

Watch this speech:


Tell President Obama he needs to react and ban assault weapons from public use. Get rid of the cause for insanity and instill the need for humanity and the respect of human life.


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