By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World

Four Stars and Five Paws


Santa Barbara, California

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What a dream vacation! Ultra luxury, magnificent ocean views, incredible service, fab food and the best part is your pets are welcome too.

Bacara Resort located in the lush and tropical zone of Santa Barbara California sparkles like a Baccarat crystal glass.

2015-09-25 19.12.30It is entirely new. The suites overlooking the ocean are filled with light and beauty and best of all functionality. It was a seamless transformation one of the most notable hotels along the coast.

LIP22a_PnxkH7inHUkSQQQo7UyD8Gp4DXMBE8VToN0Q,1fhmkgO0oszw1MqR5_Gvd0ozXkc5qyS8RGn5tgkSewITreasured by its history and surrounds, Haskell Beach is a blessing for dog lovers who want theĀ  invigorating “off leash” pleasure of watching fido run and play harmlessly with an international set of mixed breed animals….. ALL ADOPTED.

rWWiqPxBXXS7uXYRQ7XeaSzmgTZVEMXxop6-w56HpOgThere is a shared common bond among people who know, well, right from wrong. Puppy mill pedigrees have become a thing of the past… instead, ADOPT DON’T SHOP is the mantra that is saving hundreds of thousands of innocent pet lives, Adopt meeveryday of the year.

Baby Journey when we first adopted him.

It’s funny how some hotels have rules. Some have a size limit for obvious reasons. Others don’t care. Even better if you mention you want to bring your pet with you and he or she is a bit larger than permitted, (Journey weighs over 100 pounds) you will be surprised by the reaction you get when you speak the truth, “he was adopted.” In most cases, we get this kind of response, “Sure, that will be okay. Just bring extra “clean up after your pet” bags. And rightly so. I can understand how some hotels don’t want to be bothered with this extra focus of attention. But sadly, many are losing the opportunity to host wonderful caring guests, the type of people who are truly making our world and their beloved pets a better place to live.

Journey attracted everyone near to us at Le Bistro Restaurant. This kind woman couldn’t get enough hugs and wouldn’t leave his side.tw0CljNrWeSF_idyKDxGh3q0W_FGWNjY_Vxa8z3shAI,xBRHCywYmrGDhS-kLK1yNhBJj7x5rUtqYowqpBVOMsI

I just loved the new interiors in the designer suites. I could hardly move at sunset. The views are captivating. We ordered some wine and tapas and just sat their in awe. Later we dined at Le Bistro after a 90 minute, purely magical massage with Toya. Hard to get up from the table even harder to walk back to our suite. This is part of the Bacara magic. The atmosphere is so relaxed and so inviting and it wouldn’t matter to me even if it rained… speaking of which.. let us all pray! California is desperate for some.


432The other nice feature, there are so many, is the wine bar. Most people spend time visiting vineyards along the coast but at Bacara they bring the vineyard to you.


And speaking of living…. it would be a dream to live at Bacara’s magnificent Resort and Spa full time. Not in my budget but a girls getaway without Fido and hubby sounds in order. Let’s go! Be sure to bring a copy of Rupert Sheldrake’s Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home. And in this case you can tell your hubby when he calls for the 10th time…. not too soon.

Editor’s Notes:

Award wining and best weekend getaway Bacara Resort and Spa 8301 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117
(844) 276-0955

And for those who want to find the perfect pet just ask Suzanne LaCock Browning how. WATCH!