Zhenya Gershman's XII Apostles
Zhenya Gershman’s XII Apostles

By Bethany Colson, Managing Editor

Stripped down, the twelve apostles appear very different to us than the way that we conventionally imagine them.  In her most recent and widely acclaimed show XII Apostles Artist, Getty educator and LuxEco Advocate, Zhenya Gershman humanizes each of the apostles in majestic life-size canvases.  With broad brush strokes and a bold and vibrant use of color (that almost makes you feel like the subjects have been sculpted by paint on the canvas , Zhenya evokes their collective and individual spirit.  In the Harris & Ruble Gallery’s stunning rotunda, each painting hangs around you, feeling the gaze of the apostles;  their  power and presence haunts.

From the opening night, I interview the amazing Zhenya:

The show is open for viewing by appointment through January 4th at the

Harris & Ruble Gallery
6424 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
In January, he work will also be shown at the L.A. Art Show with Tim Yarger.


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