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Ugg! It’s not easy.

Like mother like daughter? Not really. Chloe Rose Lattanzi has emerged definitively as a person who does not want to be compared to the huge success of her iconic mother Olivia Newton-John. Instead what matters  more is finding her own groove. And she’s on the path to define it.

She considers herself a song writer and has a history and social media following with fans who are of her generation and younger who love what she is doing and want more.

If there ever was, and there certainly was the time when Chloe had to basque in the glow of her iconic mothers fame.  Her own has not come easy. Nor were the doors readily being opened to enable her success. Instead it has been a steady course of  trial and effort but at least the rewards are hers and hers alone.



In the age of Olympian like competition, America and the world has set the stage and developed new stakes for stardom. But most of those stakes are aligned within a music industry that is now fettered with flaw; many artists undermined by free downloads have acquired an incalculable ability to trust no one.  So whats an artist to do? Reinvent themselves… that’s what Chloe’s generation is struggling with. Like finding a needle in a haystack.


You have to be brave and give it up to YouTube but a million views doesn’t necessarily mean a million dollars in the bank

th-10 The stars of MTV’s Rock The Cradle. Chloe was the only female runner up.





In 2008 Chloe was more than brave. She  competed in a grueling contest against sons and daughters of famous singers.  MTV’s reality show, Rock the Cradle was more like a Greek tragedy  due to the fact that the singers themselves were getting walloped twice; first their famous parents were sitting in the audience, (enough to make anyone nervous including the audience)  second, they were competing amongst themselves not just to win… but to earn the rite of their own passage.

Chloe did better than swell. She was the only female runner up.. Kenny Loggin’s son Crosby won and then what happened?  Having discovered her truer passion, Chloe went on to write songs that were leaked onto the internet and attracted a huge fan base… which today follows her every lead. To her credit are , “No Pain” “Lonely Nights in Paradise”, “Sad City”, “Me and U”, “Delicious”, “Tastes Like You” and “Make It Stop”.. In 2009, “Tastes Like You”  was used used in designer Maggie Barry’s Collection in Los Angeles and Chloe also participated as a catwalk model.

IMG_42831Mention the word model and she’s a natural. Guess hasn’t discovered her yet but they will.

Chloe Perfectchloe5Meanwhile Ugg since 1974 has. Being true to her mother’s roots…  she still calls Australia home. Its sort of an oxymoron for Chloe to wear anything that is derived from an animal. She is a devout vegan who believes in life for all living things. But when it comes to creature comforts, boots that comply to standards that require humane treatment of animals…Chloe insisted on learning more before she could own up to her Ugg since 1974. In fact, she already has an idea to create a VEGAN Hug boot. A flawless fur free synthetic. Why not?


Style: The History of the original UGG Since 1974

When shopping online for an Ugg boot you will discover many boot manufacturers claim the name Ugg.


Don’t be fooled by imitations! This one was made in China.

But history paved the way for the first and only company today, that is truly, Australian made and  owned.

From its humble beginnings in the 1950’s its founder Arthtur Springthorpe began  his career in the shearing sheds of New South Wales as a wool classer. Years later, by the 1970’s a cultural footprint became the first UGG revolution when Australian surfers sought comfort and warmth in exchange for hours in icy cold water on waxed boards. The trend, born in the sand on the beach attracted a worldwide audience and today the ONLY UGG that is totally originally made belongs to the land down under.

Becoming a world renowned singer, actor, author and mother was not easy. Olivia has worked hard and continues to share the history of her life experiences with her daughter Chloe.

One foot in front of the other, day by day, staying focused and being in the moment has given her the ability to pace a career that celebrates over four decades of success.

If the apple happens to fall far from the tree… and Chloe discovers that achieving fame and fortune is not her goal… I think Olivia can live with that because those were never her goals either.. Bottom line. She just wants her daughter to be happy and live a long and healthy life. Because health is all that matters.

It matters most to Olivia who turned her own obstacle of being diagnosed with breast cancer into becoming a “thriver.” Now she has a much greater purpose in life. To help others do the same.

And as for the boot, the only one…Olivia says, “I have always loved (UGG Since 1974)made in Oz. Great quality  and I have always worn them. Uggs is another word for Australia!”

So when you want to buy a pair a pair of Uggs … you will be able to walk the walk and own the talk and claim Australia home!

2014-12-28 15.28.18

If the History Fits Wear It

I did a little digging and went down under to learn more about Ugg Since 1974- the Original. The company team shared their knowledge.

1. What makes Ugg Since 1974 different from other mass marketed Ugg styled boots which are made in China?We very passionate about making our product 100% in Australia, celebrating traditional boot making methods that date back decades ago. Our level of quality is the highest available, using A Grade sheepskin and superior craftsmanship. Each boot is handmade and scrutinized in quality control by our production manager, ensuring that we deliver only the best product to our customers. Our methods stay true to the expectations of Australians who have grown up with Ugg Boots their entire lives. Plus, as an internationally recognized ‘Iconic’ Australian product we believe Uggs should be manufactured in their country of origin – That’s what makes them famous!

2. Who actually invented or coined the name Ugg and why? No one individual created the term Ugg, it was a slang term used by the Australian public to identify a boot that once upon a time was noted as ‘ugly’. It was then shortened to Ugg. Obviously the Ugg Boot has come a long way since then and is now recognized as an essential fashion item across the world.

3. Today, your brand excels compared to imitations which have inferior design and are limited to a shorter lifespan. Why are your boots considered the best in the world? We offer very unique styles of Ugg boots that competitors often try to replicate but continuously fall short. We are regarded as the innovators within the industry. Not only do we have the largest exclusive range of designer Uggs in the world, we also give the customer the chance to create their very own unique design, custom made in less than 48 hours. Our creative designs, superior quality and passion for Australian Made, result in a brand that is widely recognizable in the market and applauded for being ‘different’ to the rest. There is no doubt in comparison to the others, that Ugg Since 1974 is regarded as a high end label, offering a service unlike any other.

5. Some of the new designs veer away from the original Ugg’s and are more fashion focused. Are younger women influencing this trend? Absolutely, our customers around the world desire something different. They want to stand out from the crowd instead of showcasing something that 9 out of 10 people have. Our fashion forward buyers are consistently pleased with the unique designs we provide, allowing them to be proud of the product they have purchased, boasting on social media and to their friends. We are forever evolving and creating new styles to keep up with trends in the market, always remaining one step ahead of our competitors.

6. My grandmother use to say, ” if your feet are warm you will never catch a cold” – Do you think Uggs have a healing influence on our health? Uggs are a magical product that can truly change the way you feel. Coming home after a long day of work and slipping into you soft, luxurious Uggs is a comfortable way to life your spirits. If you look after yourself and indulge in the comfort Uggs have to offer, we’re sure you will reap the rewards of a healthier existence.

Editor’s Notes:

chloe2 Women who walk the walk and own the talk. Chloe Rose Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John

James Chuda photo credit for (UGG since 1974) The Original .


















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