Windstars Best Boutique Cruise in the World: Get On Board Wind Surf Spanish Symphony...

For the best boutique cruise Wind Surf Spanish Symphony 2020

How to travel with your pet and stay in 5 paw luxury hotels

We got lucky! Six years ago we adopted the most "labradorable" puppy.

A Taste of Yosemite: Best Culinary Experience California Gold

The Taste of Yosemite offers more than just gourmet delights

The New Waldorf Astoria Welcomes Travels with Journey: 8 Paws and Counting

If you think Beverly Hills has lost it's elegance and classic history step into the lobby of the new Waldorf Astoria and dream again. This remarkable hotel has brought new meaning to "life at the top". It is A-listed beyond a doubt. And best dog-friendly hotel in the world.

Vincensia DiIorio remembers the great Maria Callas

“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore.” These are the first two phrases that Tosca sings in her famous Act 2 aria, “Vissi d’arte.” The English translation means, “I lived for art, I lived for love.” Puccini’s Tosca was one of Maria Callas’ most infamous operatic roles and the prime example of life imitating art. Callas’ life ended on September 16, 1977 in a Paris apartment. It is said that she died of a broken heart as did opera singer Floria Tosca at the end of the opera. Callas had an extra special gift which was reflected in the art form of opera. Transforming passion through music for the world to hear was what she sacrificed her life for.

WATCH: Timelessness Made by Hand in Memory of Vincensia Dilorio

By Nancy Chuda Co-founder of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World There is nothing more satisfying then the taste of a handmade ravioli. Stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese and spinach, or goat cheese smothered in a fresh sauce made from homegrown, roma or prized heirloom tomatoes. Pasta is one of the world’s most popular foods and comes in hundreds of different shapes, varieties and with dozens of different ingredients. [Virgensia Dioreo] Nancy Chuda, Fouder of and Vicenzia DiIorio The tradition of making pasta is timeless throughout the world. Almost every country has identified a noodle in part of their customary culinary cuisine . But the Italians, hands down have the most varieties. Spaghetti (coming from the Italian, spago which means cord) is the most popular variety ... and is long thin noodles that come in a variety of thickness and goes well with all traditional sauces. Capellini or angel hair pasta is the thinnest pasta of all and takes barely one to two minutes to cook; goes well with very light sauces or the classic basil, olive oil and crush fresh tomatoes.

J.B. Mauney’s Bushwacker Bails World Champion

By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World J.B. Mauney World Champion Bull Rider tops his sport and greets LuxEcoLiving's ...

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat: LuxEcoLiving’s # 1 Choice for South Africa’s...

Bushmans Kloof is Stunning! Spectacular! A haven for culinary delights! A once in a lifetime experience... nothing can compare to this Relais & Châteaux property part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa Cape Town South Africa: LuxEcoLiving’s Best Luxury Hotel...

If you had to choose a favorite company in which to use your bucket wish list ...this would be the one! Travel and Leisure has voted Red Carnation Hotel properties into thirteen different categories, including three No. 1 placements. And I can share why.

The Oyster Box Hotel In Durban South Africa Is Your Dream Vacation: LuxEcoLiving’s Best...

Standing proud on Umhlanga’s beachfront, directly on the beach and overlooking the Indian Ocean, the 86-room Oyster Box, a Member of Red Carnation Hotel Collection, is one of South Africa’s best-loved hotels

Organic Corned Beef and Cabbage from Nancy’s Organic Kitchen

Let's toast the Irish, with a great organic meal! By Nancy Chuda co-founder and Editor in Chief of LuxEco Living and Healthy Child Healthy World "Laughter is brightest where food is best" Irish Proverb Tonight, I am serving one of my favorite dishes-- Organic Corned Beef and Cabbage. Easy to make for any occasion and the best part of the meal is the company. Good friends make all the work and preparation fun.

InhabitableSpaceFrames Create Affordable Cloud Center Communities

By Nancy Chuda founder and Editor in Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World Two architectural visionaries, James Chuda and David Noble...

Trainspotting in Paris at Le Train Bleu: Buffet at de la Gare Lyon before...

  Le Train Bleu is a best kept secret. Even most parisien's won't share. Dine surrounded by beautiful Belle Epoque artistry, savor the food and wine...

Le Meurice Paris is # 1:LuxEcoLiving’s Best Hotels in the World Series

By James and Nancy Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World What a dream! We spent our Midnight in Paris and every waking...

San Ysidro Ranch Welcomes Valmont: The World Leader For Anti-Aging

You could say he's spoiled. Or you could say so are we. You're right. Living the life with a Lab in Luxury can only happen at the posh and prestigious San Ysidro Ranch. No one does it better than Ty Warner. Where in the world can experience a couples massage while your dog stretches out on your private terrace and gets one too.

Travels with Journey: The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows 5 Paws

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows gets 5 Paws! Excellent location, fabulous service and extra treats for Journey.

Travels with Journey to Bacara Resort and Spa 5 Paws and Counting

What a dream vacation! Ultra luxury, magnificent ocean views, incredible service, fab food and the best part is your pets are welcome too.

Beauty’s Big Secret: Hidden Toxins in Fragrance

By Alanna Brown, LuxEco Editorial Assistant According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article entitled “Fragrance Chemicals and the Scent of Suspicion,” the fragrance industry has been keeping vital chemical information from the public. The article says two recent reports, one by the EWG and one by Women’s Voices for the Earth, have caused a stir amongst researchers, environmental groups, consumers, and industry legislation. These reports reveal that on the label of any given personal care product, bottle of perfume, or cleaning agent the word “fragrance” is loaded with unknown meaning. Manufacturers have used this one word, a nondescript listing among the other ingredients, as a catch-all to legally mask the dozen-or-more chemicals not actually listed.

The Bear and Star in Los Olivos Celebrates The Culinary Magic of Chef John...

I have traveled the world. Met chefs in Paris, Provence, London, Milan, Venice, Gstaad, to mention only a few destinations and compared to some of those masters I found a brilliant culinary sympatico with John Cox.

Joan Didion Plays Herself: The Center Will Not Hold

Having watched Griffin Dunne's (Joan's nephew and actor) brilliant new documentary, Netflix, "The Center Will Not Hold" I began craving salted almonds and ice cold cokes; the magical combo that supposedly got her literary motor running everyday of her life.

An Owl’s Nest Creation Has The Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas will be here before you bat an eye... or two. I found something on Etsy that I really treasure. A hand made Garden...

HYPNO-tize yourself to sleep without having to count sheep

People spend an average of 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping a day – but spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes on media...

The Chesterfield Palm Beach: LuxEcoLiving’s # 1 Hotel in Florida

It's a jewel of a hideaway in the confines of one of the wealthiest locations in all the world...   Palm Beach Florida. What The...

Ol Jogi Conservancy Kenya: The Ultimate in Luxury for a Life Changing Experience

"Ol Jogi is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It provides the ultimate outdoor experience in an exclusive setting that was once a private family home. Today, it is unsurpassed in terms of comfort, culinary excellence, luxury, privacy and education. It is a place unlike any other in the world.......breathtaking beyond words."

Zulu Camp Shambala Private Game Reserve in South Africa: LuxEcoLiving’s Best Wildlife Experience

"It will awaken your senses not only to the beauty of nature but to the plight of South Africa's wildlife, many of which are teetering on a thin line for survival.

The Exquisite Milestone Hotel London: LuxEcoLiving’s Best Hotels in the World 2016

"The Milestone Hotel in London was just voted the #2 city hotel in Europe and the # 1 World's Best Hotel by Travel + Leisure"

Struggling To Invent Fire

"There is no one among us who will light the world. You may use all of your days igniting the empty flares huddled and peopling the darkness

This Could Be Our 1989

You might think that the greatest political, cultural, economic shock of our lifetimes, right here in the USA, would unleash a torrent of salient and incisive commentary. There's been some good, some confused, some angry. But mostly what I've seen is a kind of mouth-open shocked.

For Hillary: Roar Like A Lion And Never Give Up

I was hoping to wear a white dress and walk into town to share my heartfelt joy with my friends. I wanted to roar like a white lion with pride and share the passion of OUR WIN TOGETHER.

Dear You, Who Harbor Hatred and Ignorance November 7, 2016

No matter how different we all may be, as humans, we are all we have. We must stop hating each other. We must stop refusing to see each other. We must decide to love each other.

Olio & Limone Santa Barbara’s Best Italian Restaurant is LuxEcoLiving’s Best In The World

Olio & Limone is now my favorite Italian restaurant in the world.... and what a pleasure not to experience the burden of airplane pasta and worse, long lines for US Customs.... when all you have to do is find West Victoria Street in Santa Barbara and indulge.

Saxon Villa and Spa Johannesburg South Africa: LuxEcoLiving’s Best Hotel in the World

Journey with us to South Africa the home and heritage of Nelson Mandela. The Saxon Villa and Spa is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

The Hemingways Nairobi:LuxEcoLiving’s #1 Choice for Luxury and Cuisine

There is only one place in Nairobi... The Hemingways is historic. The grounds are magnificent and the view of Ngong Hills from your terrace translates the love and passion that Karen Blixen held for the land she so dearly loved.

Lion World Travel is LuxEcoLiving’s Best Choice for Hotels and Safari Destinations in South...

Traveling to Cape Town there is only one place to stay. The Twelve Apostles and Spa is the iconic landmark named for the ruggedly beautiful mountain range that towers behind it.

LIV ON: Olivia Newton-John’s New CD Provides Hope and Healing With Help From Celebrated...

“As a group, it's our intention with this album to create songs with a message of compassion and hope,” said Newton-John. “They are for anyone facing a time of challenge in their life, whether it is grieving a loss - or on the journey to health and recovery.”