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Florida native Lacey Szczepanik grew up in a tight-knit family who spent most of their time fishing, surfing and enjoying anything involving food and laughter, with laughter often coming at the expense of one another. Never one to walk the line, a trait derived from her unconventional parents, sixteen year old Lacey took an impromptu Greyhound bus ride to California one summer and decided it was where she belonged. With work and a little luck, Lacey found herself in Los Angeles at age 23 as head of a casting agency, working with world-renowned photographers and top magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, New York Magazine and GQ. Lacey next ventured into a different aspect of the fashion industry, event planning and brand development for up and coming designers. Although she loved her years in fashion, the economic downturn of 2008 prompted her (not too subtly) to step back, take a ‘time out from life’ and try to answer the question ‘What does it all mean?’ While Lacey says her answer may change daily, a few truths always remain. Through her travels, she discovered that the journey is the destination and no matter where the suitcase is unpacked, it’s still the same you, the same sky, and the same suitcase. There’s no escaping your self, so you better make sure you’re someone you can live with. Prompted by a favorite quote, she believes it’s not about asking what the world needs, but about asking yourself what makes you come alive, and then going and doing that. Because what the world needs are more people to come alive. Lacey is thrilled to be part of the Lux Eco Tribe, a group of people ‘fighting the good fight’ and making a positive impact on our world. Along with her business partner in Australia, Lacey is currently in development of an on-line publication titled Fox and Fawn, which focuses on the combination of what the ancient Greeks referred to as ‘kalos kai agathos’, or ‘The Good and the Beautiful’. Lacey says we can expect the intercontinental collaboration to combine all the elements of a well lived, beautiful, inspired life.