Bushmans Kloof is Stunning! Spectacular! A haven for culinary delights! A once in a lifetime experience… nothing can compare to this Relais & Châteaux property part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection


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Relais & Châteaux properties are   exceptional international brands which encompasses 530 establishments world wide. Established 60 years ago when top hoteliers teamed up with talented chefs, Relais & Châteaux now sets the standard for excellence in hospitality and culinary arts. The Tollman’s have embossed and influenced their, Maîtres de Maison and chefs providing guests at Bushman with the most elevated level of hospitality combined with a treasure trove of vivid living memories that blend all of the sensual pleasures together at once; from wildlife exploration to historical markers, to the ultimate melding into nature through a healing massage in the wild… here in one of the most dramatically beautiful places on earth you experience them all.



How To Find Bushmans Kloof  from Cape Town

 Our itinerary took us from The Red Carnation Collection’s  The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town to a fascinating area in the Cederberg Mountains just 270 km away.

This particular part of South Africa is unlike any other area with wide open plains that support unusually shaped and massive rock formations that contain some of the oldest Bushman paintings in existence.


No place else on earth will you experience art recorded to be over ten thousand years old, a treasure of a civilization whose sanctuary of abundant flora and fauna is detailed in over 130 rock art sites all within reach throughout your stay at Bushmans Kloof.

What makes this property so uniquely different from any other safari destination is that the focus is more about the historical geography of the region but when coupled with the prestigious accolades of being a Relais & Châteaux , Bushmans Kloof takes on a more modern day primordial haunt that attracts guests worldwide seeking peace, relaxation, and anonymity.

Bushman Kloof Jonnie


A Sunset Cocktail served from the boot of the Land Rover

BK Sunset



Mind Body Healing: Making The Connection


As one of the most unique properties in the family-run Red Carnation Hotel Collection, the emphasis thanks to interior designer Toni Tollman (who could easily lend her talents to cinematic set design)  and who spoils guests with her creative and constructive eye for detail; going home after a stay in any Red Carnation Collection Hotel is ever so boring!

I found this beautiful collection of Ardmore ceramic vases at Bushmans Kloof in the library. Each one was hand-crafted by an artist, many who are diagnosed with HIV. Breathtaking!


Ultimate luxury surrounds the 16 rooms and villa. Our suite had a magnificent full moon rising view of the surrounds… all in keeping with the South African Natural Heritage Site and its custodian ancient Bushman rock art.

Bushmans Kloof sits like a dazzling jewel encased by starry nights that even Vincent would have lingered to paint had he traveled abroad. Part of the magic and the healing for us was the dedication to the organic gardens and the culinary genius that prompted some of the most delicious food on earth.



Toni Tollman’s magnificent interiors at Bushmans Kloof

Bushman Kloof Massage

 Jim Massage BK

A Priceless Candlelit Evening Awaits








“Good food should be unfussy. It should be something that is both exciting and accessible to all guests. The fresher an ingredient is the better, and if it can be locally sourced, even more so!”

Executive Chef, Ryan Wreakly



Flora and Fauna

Enjoy Amado Moustapha’s music as we learn more below

Almost ten years ago, Jim and I traveled to the Amazon with John Easterling, a leading pioneer in the wellness industry who first discovered the benefits of the herbs and botanicals native to that area. Upon returning from the Cederberg Mountain area of South Africa I was impressed to have discovered that its biodiversity is said to be three times richer than that found in the Amazon forest

Also home to the endangered leopard, mountain zebra, yellow fish and cedar trees, Bushmans Kloof remains a precious portal for observation and preservation of these species. Meet Jonnie our tour guide…. one of the most fascinating experiences of our lives.



Editors Notes:

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A special thank you to our South African team. Arnelle Kendall and The Travel Corporation, the staff at Bushmans Kloof and our guide Jannie van Wyk .  To Kimberly Strenk (Five Two SQ) and TravelSmith our sponsors for

The Chuda’s Out In Africa and Equestrian for Nancy’s Custom Made Safari Suit



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