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Mary Elizabeth Williams-Villano doesn’t know how to describe herself and her spotty employment record. She’s been a radio DJ and talk show host, a magazine editor and a TV comedy writer. Her credits include the first three seasons of MAD TV (the funny years!) sixteen episodes of a cartoon called Aaah! Real Monsters!, the second season of Culture Clash’s sketch comedy show, and her first big break, the fifth, final (and unfortunately Wayans-free) season of In Living Color. She was also a co-writer of Denis Leary’s Merry Freakin’ Christmas special, in addition to dozens of other clay animation films she wrote or co-wrote with Spencer Green for Corky Quakenbush’s Space Bass Films. (You can catch her dark, perverse sense of humor on YouTube: Watch Davey and Son of Goliath or Raging Rudolph from her MAD TV days.) Mary can be found at the thrift store at least once a week, mumbling to herself and scoring amazing finds, not only in shoes and clothing but in stuff for the home -- finds that she’ll be sharing with LuxEcoLiving’s readers. Other, nerdier interests include scanning police and fire frequencies, amateur radio (call sign KI6OMJ) and trying to find spy numbers stations on shortwave. She also makes beaded jewelry. Mary shares a happy home in the charming little Dutch community of Van Nuys (that’s Lake Balboa to you!) with Mike, her hubby of thirteen years, four cats and numerous collections: Costume jewelry, purses, compacts, tiaras, floaty pens, vintage metal signs, tin-litho noisemakers, glassware, Kennedyana, bad taste/kitsch/politically incorrect items, vintage Christmas stuff and other odd bits of detritus too numerous to mention. Oh, and cat hair. Lots of it. Her goals in life include trying desperately to crank out novels and screenplays (like everyone else in L.A.!), not gaining weight and staying off A and E’s Hoarders.


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