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Joanna Bateman is very much her own individual. She is dedicated to a life of gratitude and believes in the power of the human mind. She is an artist; using the words of others as a portal to self expression as an actress, using paint and canvas to stir up abstract designs of her current mood, using the torso and limbs of the human body to express unity as a dancer, and bringing peace to the questions of the universe through her yoga practice. In 1987 she was the last child and only girl born to high school sweethearts, Rick and Connie Bateman. She grew up in Loveland, Ohio- a small city outside Cincinnati. "My brothers dragged me on blankets behind them, and my parents fed my imagination. I grew up joyful." She hesitates, "...with exception to the day of my baptism, when I bit the preacher, and the screamed, "I DON"T WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!" The echos still reverberate off the walls of any Presbyterian church I enter. But other than that...joyful." She has always been very yin and yang. Loved doing a little bit of everything. Soccer, Dress up. X-men, Baby dolls. Elvis, Glenn Close. At 18, while attending Elon University Joanna began focusing on theater. Being an actor allows her to put on different lives like gloves. It's a thrill that she wants to spend her whole life practicing. While at school, Joanna was introduced to a passion she didn't realize was inside her-- yoga. Yoga has transformed Joanna's life. Uniting her jubilant, air like essence with the roots of the earth, it is her therapy. Her gravitational pull toward spirituality. For an artist who lives fiercely through her heart, Being grounded is essential. "It also is an amazing full body workout that keeps me healthy from the deep core of my being all the way to my outer epidermis!" In May of 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of acting and teaching yoga. "I just want to live!" She can be contacted by email at joanna@luxecoliving.com


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