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Zhenya Gershman was born in Moscow, Russia. She held her 1st solo exhibition in St. Petersburg, at age 14, and was selected as a subject of the TV Documentary Film “Our Generation”, a project dedicated to searching for the five most talented teenagers in Russia, showing hope for the cultural future of the country. The road from her native USSR to the USA has been an enlightened journey…one that she cherishes.

By Zhenya Gershman, artist and LuxEcoLiving Advocate

“I felt honored and happy to be a part of this musical tribute.  My grandfather Mikhail Matusovsky was a famous Russian song writer and the author of the internationally beloved song “Moscow Nights”.  From my early childhood I was surrounded by musicians, poets, and artists.  Maybe that’s why I have a special affinity for people who take on speaking their hearts through their songs…”.

Yes – yesterday I met Bruce Springsteen…

Artists Zhenya Gershman and Bruce Springsteen exchange compliments at the MusiCares gala celebration
Artists Zhenya Gershman and Bruce Springsteen exchange compliments at the MusiCares Person of the Year gala reception

 “They’re always in search,” he said. “Born to get lost and suddenly you’re home. “We want to be great. We want to be important in your life. That’s all that mattered to me, You keep us in search of the force that reignites our gifts.”

Ever since I was asked by MusiCares to create a special life-size portrait of Springsteen for his Man of the Year Grammy’s gala I have immersed myself into his music, lyrics, and the magic of his performance.   It was a profound journey that resulted in a mini-series, with each of the portraits revealing a new aspect of Bruce’s world.  After many months of working on this project, last night was a red carpet gala event that opened with a silent auction presenting my portrait.

Zhenya Gershman







It was a night to remember: among the 3000 guests were Tony Bennett, Sting, Elton John, Sean Penn, Katy Perry, and many others to celebrate Bruce’s legacy.


When the painting was sold, I was both delighted to help the MusiCares foundation in their mission to assist musicians in need and also sad to finally separate with one of my favorite portraits. I was rewarded when I met Bruce and we had an opportunity to speak about my vision of him.  “THAT’S ME, GO ARTIST!” was Springsteen’s response.  The evening culminated with a heartfelt speech and remarkable performance by Bruce.

The Boss by Zhenya Gershman
The Boss by Zhenya Gershman

My painting depicts him with his arms up, facing the audience as if in a blessing and giving himself to the world.  As soon as he stepped on stage, it is as if I saw my art come alive – the power of The Boss to become one with his audience and make everyone feel that he is singing just for them.  In that moment I fully understood what Bruce meant by his famous lyric:“TALK ABOUT A DREAM, TRY TO MAKE IT REAL”.



Editor’s Notes:

You can see one of the portraits in the Bruce series at Leslie Sacks Fine Art Gallery in Brentwood through February 25th, featured as part of the exhibition WOMEN’S ART NOW benefitting the charity Women’s Voices Now.

For images and more information about the artist Zhenya Gershman, visit her website







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