A Syrian mother hugs her child after they arrived from Turkey at the Greek island of Lesbos on an overcrowded inflatable boat , Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. Greece’s government says it is preparing a rent-assistance program to cope with a growing number of refugees, who face the oncoming winter and mounting resistance in Europe. (AP Photo/Santi Palacios)



We are a nation in turmoil. In a world unfolding so rapidly with hate and distrust. We are a target. It is a misnomer to think that we are great or we will be greater with walls built from hatred, casting innocent children and mothers away from our shores.

 (AP Photo/Santi Palacios)

Do not speak to me of your pain and worries for I am filled with your every thought. We come into this world wounded. Each of us carries the baggage of many lives before and will encounter many lives still. We wait on the precipice  of a thought and trigger it into space and behold the connection. We are a union of and for humanity.  We are being misguided by fears, a mongering of malice and distrust, which is placing supremacy as a historic marker as if WHITE is better than black, brown, red, yellow as if the history of Jews in Germany then and now in the world don’t matter. That desecration of any kind doesn’t matter. No matter, find a target and learn to hate again. But why? Just because one man gives permission to hate those who follow that diatribe will be left more fearful than before.

No! Fear is an illusion that harbors a bigger wall inside the human heart. It breaks and splinters thoughts that can make wars, destroy cultures and leave humankind in a wanderlust state wondering if survival is at all possible. It takes hope away. But we are not going to succumb to those people who want a change built on myths and rhetoric. On delusion and self-doubt. On fear, the biggest one of all for HIM is failure. He could fail himself. He has failed in the lives of so many he employed and used. He has no clue what America has become and how  or what it will be under his sorcerer’s sword. He is only an apprentice. His heart is not beating to save lives instead it beats to boast.

If diversity can transcend through the milk of ages and nourish, heal, protect and inspire… if just for one moment we could all join hands across continents and feel each other’s pain, if just for one moment we could let the barriers that divide us become the way towards peace and resolution. If every mother who gives life to a son projected and impregnated the need for divine worship of females on earth and if every father who brings life to a daughter instills the need for love and protection… and if each of us can reach out to someone that is not like ourselves and inspire them to feel this need then we might be able to find an everlasting peace… but this does not come without some sacrifice be your intention or actions… it comes from truth and compassion.

It comes from not what you will gain but what you will learn. If fear is worse, than denial of that fear is death. Death to the spirit of humanity and self. Death to the liberty and freedom we have all been raised to believe is America. Great as the dream once was it is dwindling in the wind, it is the abscess that is poisoning our spirits and our souls. We are only great again if we can help others become great. We can and must be the nation that believes this to be true.