By Nancy Chuda founder and Editor-in-Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

Claire Callaway 1942-2012

I lost a very close friend. She was and remains a bright light in our universe. She won a heroic battle and beat the odds…against cancer. But tragically, her faithful heart could not survive the toll it took to win. I wrote this poem in her memory.


Please don’t despair for I know you all have cared

Life is full of gifts  each one of you have shared

My journey does not end

It is just beginning

Please do not despair as I know you all think it’s unfair

Each of you have brought light, wisdom and love into my life

I know you care

Times were tough and more so rough but I had all of you near to help me handle my stuff

I always knew I had a mission

Long before I heard the word remission

I worked hard to make life change

And at times felt lost and strange

But having you near wiped away my fear and in my heart I hold you dear

For friends in life are what I have always valued most

I had more than I could have ever dreamed so I can boast

So when you think of me and I know you will don’t lose time or stand still

Live each day not your past

Knowing that the love we shared will always last

Please don’t despair my name is Claire

I lived a great life which is more than fair

I met the man I married, Tom, who is the love of my life

And had Catlin whose every footstep I will follow until and after he finds a wife

Just because our eyes won’ t meet doesn’t mean I won’t be following your every beat

My only hope is for your happiness and health

May all your days be joyous and filled with lasting friendships which has been my wealth

Please don’t despair

Never forget my name… it’s yours… I’m Claire

Editor’s Note:

Claire Malis Callaway was a founder of In The Trenches Productions “a development and production company made up of female writers, producers and actresses who made a darn good living at it ’til they made the ultimate Hollywood faux pas and turned 40. Not quite ready to retire, we decided to combine our 200 years of experience and connections in the entertainment industry and dream a new dream.

Claire is survived by her husband Thomas Callaway and her son Catlin Callaway.


  1. To my good friend claire, you guided me through a lot, i will never forget you, you were the godmother i never had, you made my dreams come true when you brought me out to cali. I never really got the chance to say thank you. If i known you were going through a lot i would have been there until the end. you never really wanted me to know your pain because you didn’t want me to be sad. Thank you for making me strong when my mom passed. i will always remember you, and i will never forget when you told me that i remind you of yourself, always trying to please everyone. may god keep you safe, sleep with the angels i will always love you.


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