Introduction by Nancy Chuda founder and Editor-in-Chief  of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

Step back in time. Over twenty years ago when Jim and I founded Healthy Child Healthy World we didn’t have parent ambassadors helping to sound the alarm when hazardous chemicals, especially the ones that are most egregious and dangerous to children, who are much more vulnerable than adults, got jettisoned into industrial products without proper testing. In fact, scientists were being paid not to release information if that information proved to be harmful to human health. Living better through chemistry was a 60’s innovation and many corporations followed suit.

Today, thanks to greater public awareness and Healthy Child’s dedication to prevention through education, moms can become the beacons for change. Profit margins matter least when children’s health is at risk. That’s something Sara Snow knew intuitively. And thanks to her persistence, she’s made a huge impact on Graco. Not just the company but their corporate  conscience…to do the right thing when it comes to protecting our most valuable resource. Children are the future.

By Margie Kelly, Communications Manager, Healthy Child Healthy World

Necessary News

We’ve got great news today! Graco, one of the nation’s largest children’s products manufacturers, has committed to banning four of the most toxic flame retardants from all of their products. Graco car seats, strollers, swings, and more are now free from these hazardous chemicals. To read more about the announcement, see our press release.

Sara Snow, a green lifestyle expert, author of “Sara Snow’s Fresh Living” and Healthy Child Healthy World Parent Ambassador, created a petition asking Graco to eliminate its use of toxic flame retardant chemicals in its children’s products on

“I started the petition because as a mom, it blew my mind to learn that toxic flame retardant chemicals were still in the foam of so many of the products where babies spend the bulk of their time: strollers, car seats, nursing pillows, and more,” said Snow. “I’m grateful that Graco has responded to our concerns and can offer moms a little peace of mind.”

As a result of the conversations Sara, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the Ecology Center had with Graco, we learned Graco is committed to ban and monitor Tris-related chemicals in their products. Tris is a known cancer-causing chemical.

We applaud Graco for taking this step and challenge them to become an industry leader by making healthier and safer products that no longer contain any hazardous flame retardants and implement a system to assure that safer chemical or non-chemical alternatives are being used now and in the future.

Please thank Graco for their leadership in eliminating toxic flame retardants from its products line and encourage them to take additional steps to make their products safer from chemical hazards. Send an email message to Graco Children’s Products CEO, Kristie Juster today!

All of us at Healthy Child Healthy World are so grateful to Sara for stepping up as a mom on a mission to make the world healthier for our children by demanding safer products. As Sara said, “Thanks to you, we now know we no longer need to be concerned that Graco products contain four of the most toxic flame retardant chemicals. And that’s a victory we should all savor!”

We received this statement from Kristin De Loach GCP at Graco,

“As parents ourselves, we do everything we can do to provide the safest and most innovative products possible for parents and children. Ensuring the safety and well-being of all children who use Graco products is our top priority, and the reason we manufacture and market products that are fully compliant with all applicable mandatory safety and regulatory standards. We are continuously looking to address the concerns and interests of parents and caregivers who share our commitment to the development of safe children’s products.




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