Lotusland garden, compostBy: Molly Rovero, LuxEco Living Editorial Assistant

View Madame’s stunning rose garden and learn about sustainable horticulture at Lotusland. All gardening methods are entirely organic! No pesticides or harmful chemicals are sprayed on any of the plants. Today, LuxEcoLiving will also share one of Lotusland’s secrets with you: How to make organic tea compost for use in your own home garden.

Tea Compost Recipe:

1/2 lb compost (good quality)
1 oz. Fish Hydrolysate
1 oz. Kelp Powder
1 oz. SOLU-PLKS (Humic Acid)
Makes up 5 gallons

Kits and materials for brewing tea composts are available from earthfort, Lotusland’s recommended company.


  1. When last I went to LotusLand, I was in awe of it all. But I was sad to be told that they will not donate or sell their cuttings or seeds. I imagine this would be a wonderful way to raise money and community Goodwill without compromise. I hope they have or will change their minds. My home is in a zone that is compatible with many of their plants and I would dearly love to grow some.

    Feel free to email me if I am in error regarding their policy about cuttings & seeds. (I hope I am.)

    Thank you.


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