By Florence “Flip” Ross a LuxEcoLiving Advocate and Contributor

We were very  attentive to the Presidential Election, we are paying attention to the war in Afghanistan, we are very absorbed in what is going to happen to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  We are very involved with who is going to win the Golden Globes Award and the Oscar, but we are not listening to the protests of our planet.

It would seem to me that Planet Earth is trying to tell us something, but we are not hearing it.  It has hit us with several destructive hurricanes in Florida, a devastating tsunami in South Asia, a fearful mudslide in California, a dreadful fire in Texas, and a horrific avalanche in Utah, but we seem to be oblivious to the import of these catastrophes.

We go on polluting our air, fouling up our waters with oil spills, cutting down our rain forests, and our seafood is becoming so polluted I am afraid to  eat it anymore.  So let us start listening to what our planet is trying to tell us.

Some people are under the belief that God is punishing us.  There is a limit on what we can blame on God, as opposed to what we can blame on ourselves.  Let’s start with overpopulation.  History can show us that whenever we have become overpopulated we have been visited with war and plagues, a thinning out of our numbers as it were.  Where the hurricanes caused such destruction was a result of the tornados which followed, a combination much like ham and eggs.  If hurricanes come, can tornados be far behind?

The awful tsunami was the result of an earthquake on the ocean bottom caused by the sliding of earth’s plates.  The terrible loss of lives which followed was due to the fact that no safety warning system existed which, had it existed would have saved those lives.  So it was man’s negligence which led to all those deaths, not the wrath of God.



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