By: Molly Rovero, LuxEco Editorial Assistant

Recycling and architecture meet on a whole new level with the design of the S_Pavilion by students from Chelsea College of Art and Design. This pavilion, to be used for the college’s undergraduate summer show, was made from recycled Speedo model LZR Racer suits. Suits of this model can no longer be used in competition due to a change in rules made by the Fédération Internationale de Natation, a world organization that governs water sports. Speedo donated 600 of the suits that were previously thought to be unusable to this project. Students from the college were faced with the design problem consisting of materials, production method, and sustainability. Collaboration with a number of professionals including textile designers as well as multiple methods including the use of digital modeling programs like Rhino 3D.

More available from Inhabitat


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