Bob’s commitment to being Well Bread means doing good things. He supports the Los Alamos Community by donating what they don’t sell to local food banks.


Los Alamos California
Nancy Bobs
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I’ve been on Bob’s trail. I’ve motored to Los Alamos  countless times  praying that I would arrive in time to get the last croissant. The ones with almond paste are the most sinful.
But the buck doesn’t stop there. Oh gosh no!
It bleeds through your wallet down to the last of your loose change with hopes that you can leave with not one but two or more loaves, a few more of those delicate, freshly baked “morning breads” as I like to call them. Perfect for dipping in your Cafe O’Lait.. and if your up to company, nice to share with friends.
Bobs Bread
Bob is a master bread baker who believes as do many of the best European bakers, in using natural ingredients. Hey folks… I know there are a lot of people out there that fear gluten… and for some Celiac’s it’s real and can be life threatening. But for most of us who really love bread, organic is the way to go. Bob states, ” No added preservatives will be found in any of the things we bake, and we strive to source our ingredients locally using farmers and growers who practice organic initiatives.”
How fresh is fresh? If you’re like me, you race home with your freshly baked loaves still warm to the touch. trying desperately not to nibble on those crusty ends. Good luck! By the time I get home I might as well hollow one out and serve chowder for dinner.
Tips to keep your Bob’s Well Bakery Bread Fresh
I like Bob’s philosophy for baking bread but even better for storing it. “If you buy loaves to freeze, it’s best to do it while the bread is still fresh. For best result, and to prevent freezer burn, tightly wrap each loaf in plastic wrap, and seal in a good quality freezer bag and plan to consume your bread within a month. Always defrost your frozen bread, leaving it in the open freezer bag, letting it stand at room temperature for three to five hours or overnight.”
Why you have to come to Bob’s Well Bakery in Los Alamos RIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING. House-roasted turkey sandwiches with spiced cranberry chutney on a freshly-baked ciabatta roll.
Count me in…forget the calories…just pass on the stuffing. You’re gonna love this tasty morsel.
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Editor’s Notes:

Nancy Hat Los Alamos

Visit Bob’s Well Bread Bakery at 550 Bell Street in Los Alamos

Call and reserve your Thanksgiving loaves today 805-344-3000




















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