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Giving Birth to LuxEco Living

LuxEcoLiving incorporates three basic principles; food, shelter, and love. Each attribute defines and identifies a new cultural paradigm shift. Human consumption of goods and products will be defined based on a selective need that underscores planetary goals for sustainability.

Why Now—The Guiding Principle

Our earth has become engulfed in a mire of habitual patterns, which threatens the infrastructure, and ecosystems of all living things. Many of these patterns are man-made due to the consumption of products linked to petrochemicals.

Now, we are shifting from a culture driven by expedient means, oil, to becoming self-sufficient through the development of green technologies that provide not only solutions to vast energy demands—but to lifestyle changes that hopefully will nurture nature back to achieving an equilibrium—a finer balance between man and his habitat.

We don’t own our earth but our actions, individually and collectively create an oxymoron of gargantuan pomposity. We must rally, conceive, divest, discern and educate future generations and ourselves. It is the change that must become a colossal cultural imprint that gets replicated as easily as cells divide and renew. Life on earth depends on it.

How To Create a New Cultural Paradigm Shift

Growing up green is the new self-starter kit for the planet. Everyone’s on board to share knowledge, become a cultural creative, and achieve a lifestyle that brings new meaning to the “word” and world of luxury.

The process in which an organic seed produces an heirloom tomato is a luxury.

The birth of pearl starting with a grain of sand from the Mississippi Delta into a glorious natural gem that is more precious than diamonds and carries in its core the DNA of earth itself—is a luxury.

Wood harvested from grass—bamboo, is a sustainable material that feeds, clothes and houses humans– is a luxury.

The potential to think globally and act collectively through the Internet—is a luxury.

When a woman in India wraps an organic silk Sari around her body and houses the notion that the other woman across the globe should do the same—she is creating a cultural imprint for the preservation of not only her culture but also her children’s future—and that is a luxury.

Timelessness is a luxury and we have lost the desire to retain or renew what people simply did by hand.

We have become a fast-track nation whose standards for living have compromised the delicate balance and axis from which the earth rests suspended in space. Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat, states, “the environment is the single most important issue of the 21st century.”

We can do this by creating an opportunity for collective cognoscenti–a massive paradigm shift, which redefines luxury to mean sustainable, timeless, and without harm.

Our goal is to create a multi- media/enviral/tainment platform that promotes an inhabitable global initiative to preserve the art of living luxuriously in a greener world.


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