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Kerin is a southern California native, hailing from Oceanside in north San Diego County. Although she loves her home-state, she's never one to pass up a traveltunity. She's hoping to visit every continent in the world, and every state in the country. Three continents and eleven states down, there's still quite a bit left to go; but there's nothing like a good challenge to inspire someone. WIth a B.A. in Creative Studies: Literature from UCSB, Kerin has a definite love for the written word (and the stringent rules of grammar that accompany it). She has a fondness for editing. There's something about taking raw text and shaping it into a bona fide piece of work that's extremely satisfying. Kerin is also a novice gardener and a total foodie. Not only does she love to try new food (that conforms to her pescetarian diet) she loves to cook it as well. And if the ingredients can come from her garden, all the better! She grows four different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, three different kinds of carrots, squash, serrano and bell peppers, anaheim chiles, green onions, three different lettuce varieties, radishes, and a well-stocked herb garden. She hopes to expand her garden with each season, not only becoming more knowledgeable in her culinary exploits, but in sustainable eating/living as well. She also hopes to encourage people to start their own home gardens, because there is nothing more tasty than food grown at home, the right way.