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Luxury for Less. The most beautiful authentic jewelry, custom designed, one of a kind and it’s yours. A true keepsake that captures memories of the heart.


Rue de Rivoli Paris France  Nancy and Jim le Meurice

James and Nancy Chuda for the Best Hotels in the World: Le Meurice Paris LuxEcoLiving

Paris is the most magical city in all the world. Step inside or seated out at any cafe and as a tourist you can’t help but become enamored with its beauty, history, and the multitude of cultural experiences that beckon from museums of fine impressionistic art to opera at the Palace or a stroll along the Champs Elysee. From food to fashion Paris has it all. So much to see and do in so little time. Never enough!LWC2QxOXeRrM8jBkR20dc3hcEZXZq1utr_tTK3NKKCiR_QdVck13jw8-wKid0D-fteQNYe47HD04Q3G5ZoTdbKGA-SXIXSczaZMPGzphTWqqD_F3efB8StrkGugm1MCbCSVY3sGPO-LqQw4ol4kH0cGZ1ctIzZw3dA4GeaoTwM6hM-Q2jvETnh-WBwSFnewAaI6EheHfu_gfOYDb0g=s0-d-e1-f


The Rose in honor of Princess Diana Nancy Lavin ParisAlbar Ebaz for the house of Lavin Paris LuxEcoLiving

On my last visit, I became transfixed by the enormous social media emphasis around time pieces. Watches are the rage in Paris. From the highest end and trademark names Chopard, Patek Philippe, or a Louis Moinet Meteroic watch which sells for 4,600,000. The Piaget Empera as example fetches 3,330,000. trio

La Suite 240 Paris France LuxEcoLiving

One of the most special memories I cherish is having discovered a fabulous boutique not too far from Le Meurice.  La Suite 240 is the brain child of two sisters, Attia Audrey and Leslie Abisror and they have the most amazing taste in jewelry and accessories. Walking into their Bijoux Factory would keep Cinderella in diamond studded slippers for life! I fell in love with just about everything and best of all the prices were affordable. Patek Phillipe-Henry Gtaves Pocket Watch 11 millThe Piaget Emperado Temple 3,330,00.Chopard 201-Carat Watch 25 milLouis Moinet Meteoris Watch 4,600,00   But not all that glitters has to be gold. In fact, more and more women are investing in what I call. “High end bling.” Especially when traveling and having to deal with custom agents opening and rummaging through your belongings. It’s such a nuisance. ShooshClutchMona Lisa





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