By  Florence Ross, author, poet and  LuxEcoLiving Advocate



In my lexicon of languages, of all the words I know

I cannot find the proper words for you

If I were only able to find the words to show

How wonderful you are, I‘d say a few

But adjectives evade me, they can’t describe enough

They can’t begin to tell how great you are

Your in-and-outward beauty is a  diamond in the rough

And I can only worship from afar

Delectable describes you, delicious says it better

Exquisite may describe you best of all

It is hard to find the one word that fits you to the letter

There isn’t one that fits, that I recall

I’ll have to think of new words I can use, that do not fail

Like  “glorious,” and “grand,” to name a  few

But I don’t really need to look for words beyond my pale

You tell it best, by simply being you


Editor’s note:

Photo credit Magic by Suzanne Lacock Browning


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