By Florence “Flip” Ross, LuxEco Advocate

As I sit here, and gaze proudly at all my “going green” products, I feel I am doing something to help my country cleanse itself.  I imagine I must be a bit of a bother imposing my advice, suggestions and demands on my friends that they do likewise.   My products are “green” from my kitchen paper napkins down to my bathroom toilet tissue.   But then my pride-taketh-a-fall, as I look upon my efforts as an exercise in futility.

As a former New Orleans dweller (I now live in Florida) it breaks my heart to see what is happening to the Louisiana coast. The spewing of oil from the British Petroleum collapsed oil well is contaminating the coastline from Grand Isle up to Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, and who knows where else. As bad a problem as it is now, it will take years, if ever to clean it up.

As a youngster, I would visit the oil rigs from time to time.   We had boats that would go out to them to bring supplies, and take men off so they could go home for a while, and bring new men to the rigs to spell them.   I loved to fish, and we would go out, hook onto the the oil rigs, and fish for the big ones, like sea bass, jewfish, and sea trout. The seafood that came out of the Gulf of Mexico was second to none.   We would come back with shrimp, turtles, garfish and previously mentioned fish, and bring them to our favorite restaurant, to cook it all up for us.

Have you seen the pollution of the ocean? I wouldn’t dare eat anything that came out of there now.

What makes it worse is the oil that has fouled up our marshlands. The birds, ducks, geese, possums, raccoons, snakes, and alligators are either dying or packing up and moving out, probably into our residential areas, only to cause more problems there.   So here I try to give my country my attempts to turn it “green,” while BP spends equal attempts to foul it up.

No more oil drilling in our oceans.   Please!



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