Solar Powered Christmas Tree in Brisbane Austra
World By Night Celebration in Brisbane Australia with a Solar Powered Christmas Tree
By: Annie Huang, LuxEco Living Marketing Assistant
Christmas has always been one of the holidays I look forward to. No matter how many times I have been through this special day in traditional or non-traditional way, it still brings exhilarating joy to my heart this time of the year.

This Christmas, I’m fortunate to be in Brisbane, Australia and celebrate the holiday in the South Hemispheric way. Instead of a white Christmas, it’s warm and sunny at year end here in “down under.” To celebrate Christmas month, Brisbane Council holds public events almost every day in December. Therefore, there are quite a few things for me to see and explore every day in different venues.

Lighting of the Christmas tree is certainly an event that is embraced in major cities around the world. But what is more inspiring besides being part of these events, is to know that Brisbane Council put in a lot of effort in preserving the energy by adapting solar power to the shindy. Not only that, this tree has earned its name as the World’s Largest Solar Powered Christmas Tree! So after learning from Jessica about the importance of having live pine trees at home, it’s only another step to explore the implementation of solar energy at your residents. What a party it would be for your family and guests if they could bath in nature from your homes this Christmas!

Finally, please tune into my newly established channel on YouTube, “Tour in LOHAS with Annie” and feel that jolly spirit from Down Under.


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