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90210 erects monument to honor 9/11 victims and survivors

Beverly Hills Memorial
Beverly Hills Memorial Commemorates Victims of 9/11

This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  It is a day that we mourn the tremendous courage of the many people who lost their lives and the loved ones who survive to share their stories.

The twisted beam was personally selected from the World Trade Center by Chief Scranton; “I wanted to do something permanent to show our grief for all the victims, as well as our admiration and appreciation to the firefighters and policemen who lost their lives.”

On the morning of September 11, 2001 four planes were hijacked. Two were crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and one plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. A total of 3,047 lives were lost.

As the world watched and read the news
New York Times Cover Page

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was the most documented event in history.

As one firefighter commented who was present on that day, “The building survived the impact and the explosion but not the fire. The 35 tons of aviation fuel will have melted the steel.”

Terrifying images of the terrorist attack on New York were brought home to every one in the most dramatic live TV coverage of our time. At 8:46 am in front of thousands who were getting ready for just another day, an American Airlines jet hijacked by a terrorist commando crashed into the North Tower. Eighteen minutes later as television cameras were taping the smoke and flames pouring from the building, a second plane hit the South Tower.

World Trade Center South Tower under attack
World Trade Center South Tower under attack

Trapped inside a workplace, people who survived the plane’s impact had to begin the long descent to the base and outside to safety. They went down staircases inhaling smoke and dust with little visibility  not knowing or expecting the unfathomable consequences that occurred at 10:07. The devastating collapse of the South Tower. It literally imploded as if the interior had given way. Twenty minutes later, the North Tower also collapsed. Rising from the ashes, dust, and smoke, clouds, grey matter containing debris, particulates, and the residue of human cremation covered Manhattan and darkened New York marking the end of an era for the United States and the whole world.

This Sunday 90210 will celebrate 9/11 with the unveiling of a new monument. Gail Cottman reports,” Beverly Hills is known worldwide as the glitz and glam headquarters for the rich and famous.  but a rusted, twisted steel beam from the world trade center, mounted on a pole high above the Beverly Hills fire station on Burton Way is about to give California and the world a sign for hope.

A legendary visionary, Gail  designed and built her own peace garden and have met the urgent needs of those who have asked for her support in the name of world peace.  Reggie Sully,  a longtime friend asked for her support. Here’s why. People need to connect. Some because the haunting memories of 9/11 are still raw. Firefighters are a breed of their own. They care for others first. They save lives. And they also salute the bravery of others. Reggie and his team want to honor them.

Thanks to the Beverly Hills Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Timothy Scranton,  Sunday, September 11, 2011 will commemorate the pilot of flight 77. Brad Burlingame will officiate the unveiling of a magnificent sculpture to honor his brother  Captain Charles F. Burlingame III Commander of the US Navy whose plane crashed into the Pentagon that fateful day.

Charles Burlingame
Charles Burlingame III Pilot of Flight 77

Here is some information for those who would like to participate and witness the unveiling of the sculpture and memorial dedication.



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