Nature is Art
Nature is Art

By Florence “Flip” Ross a LuxEcoLiving contributor and advocate

Nature is Art
Nature is Art


It is such a beautiful world, have you noticed the various hues?

When I step out the door in the morning, I’m swept away by the views

The blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the white clouds floating above combine to make a picture that one must surely love


I’m so glad that I have lived amidst, and viewed its great vignettes

The colors painted by nature, are about as good as it gets

And if I were an artist, I would paint all that I see

But I just marvel at it, and thatís good enough for me

Art is Nature

And when I see a field of flowers, I am really blown away

The colors are so vivid and the flowers seem on display



The Pansies, Daisies, Dandelions, are such a great variety

They brighten up the world, and form a lovely floral society

Nature is Art

Mother Nature mixed a palette that is much appreciated

And it’s wonderful, that all these colors now have been created

So open up your eyes, and see the color that abounds us


Be aware of all the beauty, with which our world surrounds us

Nature is Art

If we abuse this work of art will nature still preserve it?

If we kill our environment we’ll find that we deserve it



No longer will our world keep on producing all this beauty

So we must clean and care for it, and make it our prime duty


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