Technological advancement is phenomenon that both delights and baffles us as we try to keep up with changes that evolve at lightening speeds.  Billions of intangible files, social media accounts and the ability to transfer and share ourselves through technology has defined millions of people and their identity around the world. It is this cultural shift and the disposal of “the old” as we adopt new technologies that inspires British eco-artist Nick Gentry.  With mixed paints and disposed of floppy disks (each with their own story)  on wood, Gentry explores who : “Will humans be forever compatible with our own technology?”

He continues: “It represents the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, where objects are created, used and disposed of quicker than ever. To challenge this notion, as these personal artefacts of life are cast aside, the obsolete are now given new life and a renewed purpose by using them as a medium for art.”

Aside from his obvious talent and thought-provoking message, LuxEco loves him for keeping thousands of floppy disks out of landfills and using art as a medium to make people think about this cycle wastefulness.

His upcoming art exhibitions include the Dreweatts Urban Contemporary art auction in London on April 21, 2010.  Check his website for more show infomation.

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