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Menopause is not inherited it’s a fact of life. But who can you turn to when your biological clock strikes midnight and your days of fertility are over.

I was one of those strange women meandering through Beverly Hills in the heat of an August day wearing Ugg boots. Not exactly a fashion statement.

I was on my way to meet a woman who came highly recommended. I was at the end of my rope. Night sweats, mood swings, low energy and worse low libido… something I dreaded. My sentences were looped together with strands of memory and in some cases missing words. My dear mother once told me, “I never had any symptoms… I just sailed through it.”

What ship was she on? A Disney cruise? God only knew.

All I know was what I experienced that fateful summer day when I met Irina Gershman.

She took one look at the sweat dripping from my brow asked me to remove my Uggs and then a conversation began that changed my life forever. My hormones were dipping lower than the oil gauge in my mother’s car…the one I had inherited. And worse, my menopause symptoms were like red rocket emergency flares….HELP was needed.

Irina is a leading Beverly Hills medical practitioner who practices the artful and healing technique known as Acupuncture. At first I was squeamish about needles but after my first and second treatments I couldn’t wait until the next. My symptoms started to subside… really! I got much needed and deprived sleep without having to open every darn window in our bedroom. My husband was thankful for that and more.

My libido and sense of sexual self returned. The red rocket flares that usually signaled a “Don’t touch me response,” turned into a welcome mat for intimacy.

Knowing that my generation of boomer women are little more open to sharing reality perhaps more so then their mothers, it was such a welcomed treat and experience to find my very own path for healing.

Months later I took my old Ugg boots to Out of the Closet, a consignment store in West Hollywood hoping someone younger would have use for them.

Irina Gershman now treats hundreds of younger women who suffer from infertility issues and  has been responsible for assisting hundreds of couples seeking  healthy pregnancies with tremendous success.

Whether you have back pain, migraines headaches, complications related to chronic disease, or issues associated with pregnancy or women’s health, Gershman Acupuncture is a place to heal!

Irina Gershman has been in alternative medicine practice for over 30 years.  Known as the ‘Chi Doctor’, she has built an incredible reputation with celebrity patients and referrals from the best doctors in the Beverly Hills golden triangle.  Her office feels cozy and relaxing as we sit down over wonderful tea to talk about Gershman’s philosophy and expertise. I was so excited to learn about her incredible success.

What is the secret to your on-going success?
Irina Gershman
G: “I have developed a patient-oriented philosophy.  Each patient receives individualized treatment.  I never watch the clock. I give all my attention to each client.  For me everyone who walks through our office door deserves VIP treatment.  I don’t believe in an ‘over-the-counter’ approach.  I create special herb formulas designed for specific cases that are balanced for each person’s needs at a particular moment in time.

What is a ‘Chi Bump’?

G: “Chi Bump is a support system that I specifically designed to help women prepare prior- during-, and post-pregnancy.  A combination of acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition consultation helps the entire family to cope with some ‘speed bumps’ along the way of becoming new parents.  From strengthening the body and immune system to mental preparation and diet modification, I make sure that mothers-to-be achieve optimal physical condition. I work in tandem with the best fertility doctors and use acupuncture to increase the rate of becoming pregnant. In addition I continue to practice acupuncture successfully to help overcome morning sickness, body pains, and other physical and psychological challenges that may arise during pregnancy. I also focus on post-delivery therapies assisting new mothers to regain their health and mental energy, as well as improve lactation and eliminate mood swings.”

Patient, N.M.

“My husband and I were both 32 when we got married, in love, and wanted to have children together.  A couple of years passed, still no baby.  That’s when we had the realization that we have a problem.  We saw many fertility specialists and did several procedures but still were not successful.  On my 5th round of IVF, I decided to see an Acupuncturist.  I went twice a week to Gershman Acupuncture for treatments.  Now – we are enjoying our baby, and thrilled beyond belief.  We are very grateful to Irina Gershman for enabling us to experience this miracle of life.”  

How does acupuncture work?

G: “Acupuncture was born in Tibetan monasteries where health awareness was highly developed.  It is based on a meridian system divided up by channels that run through our bodies with ‘points’ along the way.  Eastern medicine believes that our health problems arise from either blocking or overflow of energy affected by either environmental or internal causes.  By learning various combinations of points on the meridians, the right acupuncturist can help restore the necessary balance.  Western medicine has been interested in trying to understand acupuncture through scientific methods and numerous research studies show this alternative medicine method to be successful.   I often collaborate with other Doctors to bring optimal results to our patients when needed.  I am a trained physician in addition to being a licensed acupuncturist and strongly believe that the combination of Eastern and Western approach can often benefit and speed up the healing process.”

Doctor Shahin Ghadir, Founding Shareholder of Southern California Reproductive Center: 

“Dr. Gershman is one of a kind! She is the perfect mixture of East meets West and more importantly she is the most caring and talented soul that I have ever met.  She has that extra special touch that all my patients rely on during their fertility journey.  Dr. Gershman has an incredible talent of using acupuncture to treat my fertility patients and at the same time she is incredibly calming, which is of utmost importance for our stressed out patients.  All my patients love her and so do I!”

What is your advice to our readers?

G: “If you are in pain or need a consultation – do not wait – there is help: acupuncture is a safe and effective way to get healthy!  Our office doors are open for you and we look forward to hearing your comments and questions.”



Phone:  310.271.5111
Gershman Acupuncture entry way

all images courtesy of  Gershman Acupuncture 


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