By Alanna Brown, LuxEco Editorial Assistant

Yoga mat. Check. Pony-tail. Check. Comfy and easily removed flip-flops. Check. Bhakti Ware…Check? “Wait, what is Bhakti Ware?” You might ask. And it would be a worthwhile question.

The eccentric community that introduced yoga to the U.S. probably donned nothing more than a birthday suit while bending for their sun salutes and stretching into their downward dogs. But times have changed since then, and you must clothe yourself (at most yoga studios, anyway). You want to wear something that doesn’t rub, that breathes, and that is environmentally friendly so as to bring your spiritual connection to the earth full-circle. Bhakti Ware is beautifully designed yoga and exercise clothing. While fashion-conscious, it is also supportive in the right areas and comfortable against the skin. This is because it is made from 100% organic cotton with just a hint of lycra for a snug, yet flexible fit. Also noteworthy, they manufacture right here in the United States. Discover more about this choice brand of yoga attire. And now, with confidence—Bhakti Ware. Check.

…Sense of peace and spiritual wellness. Check.


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