Get rid of hazardous substances in your home and clean house with these great green cleaning products.

cleans sustainability clean home green cleaning spring cleaning hazardous substancesBy Brooke Rewa, Lux Eco Editorial Assistant

Household cleaning products are full of hazardous substances that put our loved ones at risk.  A clean house can be especially dangerous to children and pets.  Toxic chemicals from conventional household products can be found on your floors, counters, carpets and transferred directly into the mouth of your pet or child.  Many everyday cleaning products contain petroleum based pesticides and denatured ethanol, a type of ethanol that has one or more substances added to it making it poisonous.  While we know little about the long-term health affects and environmental damage these hazardous substances can cause, it is safe to say the outcome cannot be good.

There are plenty of green cleaning household products on the market that eliminate exposing your family to hazardous substances and still result in a clean house.

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ActiveIon's IonatorHOM

ActiveIon is making spring cleaning as easy as turning your faucet on.  They have discovered that by adding an electrical charge you can turn water into a powerful, germ-killing, cleaning tool devoid of harsh chemicals and hazardous substances. You simply fill your IonatorHOM with tap water and spray.  Killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria the Ionator has proven it cleans as well as, and in some cases better, than most general-purpose and specialized chemical cleaners.  It’s safe for any surface and contains no hazardous substances.  Using renewable water, the Ionator reduces the waste of plastic bottles and causes no harm to skin, eyes or when ingested or inhaled.

To get a clean house simply fill your Ionator with tap water and squeeze the trigger.  The water gets pulled up through the “water cell,” where a negative and positive charge are applied, and then broken down into particles that take on the electrical charge. The charged bubbles are what attach to the dirt and break the bond the dirt has with the surface, allowing you to simply wipe them away.

Before leaving the nozzle the water also passes through a control board that adds an electrical field to the water.  Once the field hits the germs it agitates it enough for the germ to “pop” and disappear, instantly sanitizing your surface.  Spring cleaning has never been this easy.

cleans_sustainability_clean house_green cleaning_spring cleaning_hazardous substances_household products

Not only is this green cleaning product safer for your family, it’s also safer for the environment.  Millions of bottles of waste from conventional cleaning products will be eliminated and harsh chemicals will no longer be washed down our drains into our rivers, lakes and oceans.  ActiveIon cleaning is a big step toward cutting down hazardous substances in our environment and making the planet a safer place for everyone.

Pet odors and stains can be impossible to remove, even with the heaviest chemical cleaners.  Thanks to Green+Clean you can now clean your pet problems away without exposing them to hazardous chemicals.  These sustainable pet odor and stain remover products are made from biodegradable, non-toxic and organic ingredients.  Just spray Green+Clean on the source, it encapsulates the problem and biodegrades the stain and odor naturally. They offer an entire line of green cleaning products that clean carpets, wood and tile floors and furniture.  Green+Clean’s products clean anything your pet can throw at them. It’s a must have for this year’s spring cleaning.

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Clean house with Naturally Clean’s Floor Cleaner.   This vegetable-based enzyme cleaner cuts through the dirt and grime and cleans your floor as well as any  conventional product.  The natural enzymes break down food particles, dirt and grease into carbon and oxygen, making them safe for the environment.  Natural Clean works on hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone and linoleum floors, leaving them clean and free from residue.  Green cleaning your floors allows you to keep the surfaces closest to your small children and pets safe and toxin free.

cleans_sustainability_clean house_green cleaning_spring cleaning_hazardous substances_household products Seventh Generation brings us a dish detergent that’s safe for your family and the environment. This non-toxic formula comes in three different varieties: Free & Clear, Lavender Floral & Mint and Lemongrass & Clementine Zest.  Each bottle is made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, is hypo-allergenic and free of phosphates.  This Natural Dish Liquid is a great way keep hazardous chemicals off the utensils and dishes that your family put directly into their mouths.

As important as it is to start using green cleaning products in your home, it is as important to dispose of your existing conventional household products safely.  Dumping toxic cleaners down the drain or putting them in the garbage will just continue the harm they are doing to your family and the environment.  Pass them on to neighbors or friends who refuse to jump on the green cleaning band wagon.  This will reduce the amount of chemical cleaners they need to purchase and in turn reduce the amount of hazardous substances in the environment.  Many communities also have designated hazardous waste pick-up days.  Find out the dates for your town and be sure to take all of your toxic household products for disposal.

With more than 1000 new chemicals released into the chemical industry every year, it’s hard to tell how deadly the long term effects will be. Join the fight for sustainability; keep your family and their future safe by joining the green cleaning movement today.

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