Yay if you recycle!!!  But there is more to the story!

Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff” is pure genius! Take 20 minutes out and think about the true cost of the stuff you own. Truthfully, I have a much deeper appreciation for all the crap I own now!

Watch the trailer below and go here to watch the full movie for free.

The website clearly lays out the current linear and unsustainable production and consumption pipeline but her website is chock full of ideas to create a more modern yet safer and more eco-friendly “closed loop” cycle.

Consider the impact of zero-waste, green chemistry, fair trade, the use of renewable energy and local living communities.  We are at a critical point in which we can either continue down the same path towards the exhaustion of the earth’s finite resources or stop, and open the door to a whole new world of possibilities.  It only takes a shift in consciousness.  Are you ready?


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