By Nancy Chuda founder and Editor-in-Chief LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is  Chiles Rellenos or chiles stuffed with cheese. It’s time  consuming to make but worth every single step. The end results is simply divine!

We wanted to make something special for our guest. Nita Vail is the CEO of California Rangeland Trust whose mission  is to conserve the open space, natural habitat and stewardship provided by California’s ranches.

And speaking of ranches, here in the Santa Ynez Valley I am dumbfounded by the vast amount of open space that is utilized to grow organic food. Right now, there is an abundance of chili peppers, all varieties, in season. Some are very mild and delicious and can be used in a many recipes. Here is my all time favorite way to prepare Poblano chiles. It is truly a labor of love and time well spent. Watch!

Once the peppers have been roasted, skin peeled and seeded they can be stored in the refrigerator over night. The next step is filling them with cheese, dipping them in egg whites and frying them in oil.

I needed a little help. Jim did a great job frying the peppers in the hot oil.

One of my favorite places to shop in Los Olivos is Theo Stephan’s Global Gardens. If you really want to treat yourself and friends, better buy here.

Jim asked Nita what she thought of the recipe.


Editor’s Notes:

And here’s the photo finish.

Frieda’s Fiesta- Chiles Stuffed with Cheese

16 Poblano chiles roasted, peeled, deveined, and seeded 4 cups/450g queso fresca (or mild feta)

5 eggs separated and Corn oil for frying


Chile Rellenos
Nothing better than Theo’s Global Garden in Los Olivos. The perfect compliment and light first course for this meal.








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