By Sahar Ghaffari, LuxEco Living Editorial Assistant

Several years ago when I decided to stop having dairy I thought I would never again be able to savor the velvety smooth sweetness of delicious ice cream. That was until I started exploring the world of vegan ice cream. Still skeptical that a non-dairy ice cream can taste good? Well, so was I, and to be honest not every single one can compare to the old-fashioned creamy thick texture of regular ice cream; but there are a few gems I’ve tried that I think are fantastic substitutes.

One of the best brands I’ve tasted is by Purely Decadent. Their whole line of non-dairy desserts consists of lactose free, cholesterol free, no trans fats, certified vegan and organic products. With flavors ranging from Belgian Chocolate to Chunky Mint Madness and Pomegranate Chip there is bound to be something for everyone. Their cookie dough flavor even comes gluten-free. In addition, Purely Decadent has frozen treats made with coconut milk, for those who want to stay away from soy.

Another star of the vegan dessert world has to be Almond Dream and Rice Dream. They also have a Soy Dream line of products, but I personally like the taste of their almond and rice milk better. Specifically, my favorite has to be the Rice Dream Bites and Almond Dream Bites which consist of bite-size morsels of almond milk or rice milk ice cream covered in rich dark chocolate. The bites are also lactose and cholesterol free, with no refined sugars or gluten and the best part is you can pop just a few in your mouth for a small treat.

Now I want to warn everyone that just because these desserts are healthy alternatives to ice cream doesn’t necessarily mean they have fewer calories. So check the label if you’re a calorie counter; but when ice cream is this healthy you might as well indulge yourself.


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