Action For Healthy Kids

Remember the watershed moment when you first learned about the dangers of pesticides in your food or the toxic chemicals in your cleaners? Maybe it was when you learned about parabens and petrochemicals in your personal care products or bisphenol-A leaching from plastics and into your food and into your body. Shaken, angry and frustrated, you probably felt like the world opened up in a new way to expose dangerous and ubiquitous threats to our collective and environmental well-being. Likewise, a new understanding and connection to your actions, habits and beliefs to the broader goal of living a clean, natural and eco-friendly life probably increased its momentum.

What happens when a joyous new parent, who wants only to protect their child and give it the best life has to offer, finds out that their babies are soaked with over 200 synthetic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals upon birth and ingest and breathe hundreds more everyday through conventional (albeit largely avoidable) herbicides, pesticides, food preservatives, petrochemicals and a whole host of others? That parent takes action for healthy kids!!

A powerful and informative new educational and advocacy video to take action for healthy kids by Healthy Child Healthy World, a children’s health advocacy organization founded by James and Nancy Chuda in loving memory of their late daughter Colette, helps parents understand the power of the choices they can make by creating healthier a home for their family.  This video explains to you the proper ways to take action for healthy kids to prosper.

The video’s power comes not only in bringing to light the myriad of chemicals that endanger human and environmental health, but the empowerment that comes from knowing where to find the education and resources to make a shift to cleaner and toxic-free lifestyle.

Please watch this video and send it to everyone you know and love so that they may too learn how to protect their family.

As their website says: “Children need bedtime stories. Parents need a wake-up story.”  It is the mere reality of things in this world and parents need to understand what actions they can take and take action for healthy kids!


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